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Can Christmas Lights Cause Damage to My Trees?

Will your holiday preparations include a magnificent light display? If so, rest assured that despite what you may have heard, Christmas lights won't damage your trees provided you don't break the tree's limbs by climbing it (or your own by falling from it!).

What better place to drape the lights than upon the landscape trees and shrubs? It's a great way to honor the tree and enjoy the shape and place of the trees within the landscape, even after the early darkness of these winter months.

In fact, while you're out there, look at your trees closely and see if there are any structural or debris issues. The absence of leaves in the winter provides an opportunity to look up through the tree to see if there are dead or hanging limbs, limbs or branches from other trees, bird or animal nests, or dense areas where the leaves have matted and not fallen to the ground. Winter assessment can help you manage your trees for optimum health and benefit.

So, as you go about your decorating, celebrate the trees and all that they provide. Light them bright!

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