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We are Olympic Nursery.


Since 1990.

Our Manifesto.


Our work reflects an unwavering dedication to improving the horticultural and environmental vitality of our community, based on these four tenets:

Excellent customer service. We are committed to your complete satisfaction, which accounts for our high rate of customer referrals. 25 years and counting.

Environmental stewardship. Our farm and nursery is 100% herbicide and pesticide free, we compost all of the organic debris that is generated from our planting activities, and we are converting our nursery and growing operation to drip irrigation which is resulting in lower water use. 

Tree savvy. We are tree-centric and focused on providing information to help you select the right tree for the right place.

Community engagement. We support our local community through involvement with local schools, community organizations, and local efforts to help preserve the agricultural nature of our area.

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