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Our Approach.

Our Process.

Our model is distinctly different. With no retail location, we meet with you one-on-one to browse at a time that works for you. We have trees on our farm location available for purchase and also source a full selection of shade, ornamental and evergreen trees directly from local growers. We are on the farm almost daily, so call us anytime.

01 Custom Quote. Once we understand the scope of your project, we work together with you to decide on the right trees for the space you have. Sometimes this includes a visit to your home to assess access issues or to better understand the site conditions.

02 Project Work. You can be confident that the best available science and the most up-to-date techniques are employed when handling and planting your trees. We pride ourselves on being on time and on budget and always clean-up after ourselves.

03 Post-Project Support. We want your tree planting project to be a 100% success. Anything that we install, we warranty for one full year. We will send you email reminders to consider the watering needs of your newly planted trees. We have video tutorials that can help you better monitor and care for your trees, newly planted or not. And a conversation with an ISA certified arborist is just an email or phone call away. We always love to talk about trees!

Exceptional Suppliers.

There are so many great trees and shrubs that thrive in the Puget Sound region that we source directly from farms located in Snohomish, Monroe, Mt Vernon, and Lynden. These family-owned farms grow tens of thousands of trees in every species imaginable for our region. We walk the fields, make our selections, and then have the farmer custom dig the trees for your order. You are assured of hand selected and remarkably fresh trees for your project. Walking the farm fields and tagging trees for customers is a giant perk of our endeavor.

Farm Direct
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