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We love arborvitae (or Emerald Green); it’s the classic privacy screen. But if you’re looking to mix it up a bit, here's some ideas:

  1. Leyland cypress. Leylands are one of the most popular and economical of the privacy screen trees. They grow very fast, provide a thick living fence, and help soften noise from adjacent roads.

    • Mature height: 50’ +

    • Growth rate: Very fast

    • Foliage: Medium to dark green

    • Growth habit: pyramidal​

  2. Yew. Yews have dense, upright branches and take to pruning very well, making them an excellent choice as a privacy hedge. There are many different varieties of yews; Hicksii are particularly nice in this region.

    • Mature height: 12-20’ tall, 8-12' wide

    • Growth rate: Slow to medium

    • Foliage: Medium to dark green

    • Growth habit: Broad pyramidal ​

  3. Russian Laurel. Laurels, particularly the Russian Laurel, are another great choice for privacy hedging. They grow rather quickly and do well in full sun or partial shade.

    • Mature height: 10-12’ tall, 5-8' wide 

    • Growth rate: Very fast

    • Foliage: Narrow, glossy, dark green evergreen leaves

    • Growth habit: shorter, wider shrub​

  4. Camellia. This beautiful flowering shrub grows a thick canopy of leaves as it matures. Their large flowers have a long blooming season and its evergreen leaves stay beautiful all year.

    • Mature height: 6-15’ tall; 5-7' wide

    • Growth rate: Slow to medium

    • Foliage: glossy evergreen leaves with large rose-like blooms

    • Growth habit: rounded pyramidical

  5. Excelsa Cedar. The Excelsa is a large, bushy tree that is often used when 2-story privacy is needed. They grow naturally into a beautiful, fragrant hedge.

    • Mature height: 30-35' tall; 12-15' wide

    • Growth rate: Medium to fast

    • Foliage: bright evergreen

    • Growth habit: pyramidal


Give us a call if you’d like to explore options for including any of these screens in your living fence. 

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